In the past 45 years we’ve produced more than a hundred local history books, many of which have now been out of print for decades. So to celebrate our anniversary, we’re making those books available as PDF downloads on a pay-what-you-like basis, and using some of those texts to create fresh anthologies.

We’re planning our next publication, a People’s History of the Seaside, taking in the piers, work and leisure on the sea front, and the local fishing trade.

We’d love you to add your story, photo or artefact! Were you there at the Mods and Rockers battles? Do you remember what happened on the day of the Grand Hotel bombing? Fond memories of pubbing and clubbing on the sea front? Loved going up the i360? We’re looking for contributions of your memories of up to 150 words, any photos and ephemera such as pier programmes, Zap Club ticket stubs, gig flyers and so on.

The deadline for contributions is Tuesday 1st August 2017. We’re also holding an open day for contributions at our office in Brighton Open Market on Saturday 29th July, 10am-2pm. The address is Unit 8, Mezzanine floor, Brighton Open Market BN1 4JU. There is a lift up from the ground floor for anyone with access needs.

We’ll also be selling current books, so feel free to pop buy and pick some up.

Please contact us to get involved or find out more.

The book will be published in October.

And here’s our complete book list, so if you see a book that’s not currently available as a hard copy or download, contact us and we’ll digitise a copy just for you!