With nearly 300 years of history, twenty eight writers and artists, and fourteen fantastical tales featuring characters and true events from the city’s fascinating history, Brighton: The Graphic Novel is a unique collaborative collection.

With a cast of pioneering drag queens, doomed pleasure gardens, smugglers, arsonists, obsessed inventors, aspiring actors, corrupt policemen, cantankerous barbers, sea swimmers, hands of death and mysterious sea forces, the stories – complete with historical footnotes – will ensure that you never look at Brighton in the same way again…

As Bryan Talbot, 2013 Costa Biography Award winner, says: “This is an original anthology of entertaining and intriguing tales, at times funny, chilling and poignant – a mixture of fact and fantasy, told in a wide and refreshing gamut of illustrative styles, but all firmly rooted in the history and culture of Brighton.”

You can buy the e-book version using Amazon Kindle, Google Play, the Apple store – just go to your chosen website and search by title for the books.