Previously untold stories for future generations Brighton Trans*formed project provides a much-needed exploration into the diversity of gender expression within the city.

“Brighton Trans*formed records, in their own words, the lives and experiences of Brighton & Hove’s Transgender community. Using writing, memories, oral histories and photography, the project offers a snapshot of the rich variety of Trans lives in Brighton & Hove at a moment of significant change in how the community connects and organises itself.”

Its contributors ranged from 18 to 81 years old with very different life experiences. All of their testimonies have in common an absolute honesty and openness: contributors shared their joys and tragedies; adversities faced, and a display of strength and resolve to be themselves.

There was also an exhibition trail which told the same stories through photography, audio and object installations.

It was a high impact, highly visual event that ran from 24 July – 4 August 2014 to coincide with Trans Pride.

Described by Gscene as:
“The streets of Brighton lined with faces of participants from the project in the largest, real-life, trans documentation project to be seen in the UK.”

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Brighton Trans*formed


Funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund

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Brighton Trans*formed