Les Moss tells of his lifelong struggle in search of progress, and his personal triumph over adversity. Published in 1979, this fascinating life history describes one man’s involvement in trade unionism and provides a picture of political activism in London and Brighton from the 1920s onward.

Also documented are the daily and working lives of both himself and his family such as the tale of how his grandfather’s Northampton shoe manufacturing company was driven out of business by the advent of mass production and how his father, who played the flute in the Camden Music Halls in London, could no longer work when mass entertainment became popular. In turn, Les’s own craft as a centre-lathe turner became largely displaced during his lifetime.

Editors: Kate Honeyford, Pauline Jones, Peter Lang, Paula McDiarmid, Dermot Murnaghan, Ursula Rohde, Gillian Scott, Charlie Wickenden, Stephen Yeo.

Team: Cathy Edwards, Pauline Jones, Charmian Kenner, John Langley, Molly Morley, Robin Murray, Nicola Ruck, Anthea Symons, Eileen and Stephen Yeo.