Roofless is a collection of photographs, essays, stories and poems by homeless and ex-homeless people from Brighton. It is about survival, about battling poverty, rejection, violence, ill health and loneliness. There is anger, sadness and rebellion, but also instances of hope and solidarity and writing that, whilst often raw and uncompromising, possesses a surprising generosity of spirit.

Roofless attacks many commonly held prejudices and provides not just a window on the world of the homeless, but a valuable insight into the society that so often lets them down. Roofless provides a unique and candid snapshot of life in Brighton and Hove in 2007, seen through the eyes of homeless people.

Roofless is now out of print but is available as a PDF download of the original text on a pay-what-you-like basis. You can download it by clicking here. To make a donation for this booklet, please click on the button below.