Daisy Noakes tells her story from the age of fourteen, when she went into service. She gives us an insight into the life of a woman born and brought up in Brighton during the years 1910-1934. Daisy documents with humour her inevitable trials and tribulations in the often physically demanding world that she inhabited during her working life.

The autobiography covers her childhood as one of a family of ten, living in Prince’s Road and Vere Road, and her working days in service in different parts of the town. This remarkable personal history is a special insight into Daisy’s world and a shining example of true grit and fortitude in hard times.

The book was first published in 1975 and was so popular that it quickly sold out. You can buy it in an e-book version using Amazon Kindle, Google Playand itunes Apple Store.

This book is the companion piece to Daisy Noakes’ Faded Rainbow.