Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection


Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection is a unique 'People's History' of Brighton & Hove, featuring historic and contemporary photographs submitted to QueenSpark.

Brighton's Graphic War

Brighton’s Graphic War Project


A two year WWI project in which young people aged between 15 - 25 created a fictional, Brighton based WWI Graphic Novel.

Brighton The Graphic Novel QueenSpark books

Brighton: The Graphic Novel

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With nearly 300 years of history, twenty eight writers and artists, and fourteen fantastical tales featuring unheralded characters and true events from the city’s fascinating history, Brighton: The Graphic Novel is a unique collaborative collection. Featuring pioneering drag queens, doomed pleasure gardens, smugglers, arsonists, obsessed inventors, aspiring actors, corrupt policemen, cantankerous barbers, sea swimmers, hands [...]

The Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection II

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For Volume II of The Brighton & Hove Photographic Collection, we have selected 66 colour and black-and-white images from our Brighton & Hove Photographic website. Magnum photographer Mark Power's curation; JJ Waller's collection of images taken around the closure of the Open Market; the late Leslie Whitcomb's documents of the past; and Peter Chrisp's evocative photos of [...]

Letter In the Attic

Letter In The Attic


A collection of letters, diaries, memoirs and other personal papers related to Brighton and Hove.