In the nineties personal memoirs featuring Brighton landmarks continued to be published.

Examples include:

‘Deckhand, West Pier’ (1993)
Arthur Thicket’s fresh and often humorous account of moving to Brighton in the summer of 1970 to find a town, that behind the bright and lively holiday facade, was full of lonely people.

‘Our Small Corner’ (1994)
In which Sid Manville recalls memories of friends, neighbours and relatives who made up the ‘small corner’ of his neighbourhood in Bear Road during the Twenties and Thirties.

‘Oh What a Lovely Pier’ (1996),
Daphne Mitchell’s narrative of working on the West Pier from 1956 to 1970 – before it became a ghostly wreck.

And not forgetting ‘The Crowd Roars’ (1998), in which Ron Cunningham, alias “the Great Omani”, recalls jumping off the West Pier bound in chains.